1969 Smokeboat..Mark Purdey, Dave Bekaert, Suzie Bekaert

1971 Hyperion.. Dave Marshall, Tony Marshall, Steve Ferry

1972 Pink Cottage Band,Ireland..Mark Purdey, Robb Bradstock, Dave Marshall, Steve Ferry

1974 Pink Cottage Band 2 ..Johnny Burke, Gerry Barry, Dave Marshall, Robb Bradstock

1981 Blue Rinse..Dave and Wendy Walker

1984 Nick Malicka with...Perry & Tim Hatcher, Phil Knowles

1986 The Caretakers..Phil Knowles,Kevin Sadler, Len Turner, Alison Byrne, Tim Hatcher, Tony Winn, Perry Hatcher

1999 Ageing Blues Band..Robin and Edward Davidson, Bob Coppillie


2003 Veshengro..Johnny Burke, Susie Fletcher

2008 The Blue Boys..Lionel Royer

2010..Erveh en trio..Erveh, Georges Breuil

2011 Morsgael..Georges Breuil, Alban la Blanchardiere, Steph Le Luyer

2012 Malicka & Kenney

2012 Noz Da..Emma Gale, Robert ap Huws, Loig Sellier

2013 Blazzesque..Emma Gale, Robert ap Huws

2014 Nelice & Malicka

2016 Late as Usual..Jean Sabot

My Jenny's Wedding


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