My Songs.

I began songwriting at the age of 14 during my time at Haileybury and have continued to this day. I have been privileged to work with and to know some really talented songwriters....Enda Wyatt ( An Emotional Fish ), Martin Simpson, Nelice, Tony Winn, Mat influences have always been broad...blues,country,Irish and English folksong, pop...keeping an open mind has been essential to me.

My inspiration comes from all of life from the tiniest of images to political and historic events. I have always collected and tucked away words and phrases, sometimes from obvious sources of literature......sometimes from a snippet overheard or used in a conversation.

Amongst the songs that I have written are The Rose, Not the Whiskey Talking, recorded on True,Dare and Promise by Martin Simpson, The Sweet Shop's Shut, La Vie est Belle, The Marching Boys, Madame Jezequel, Ireland Goodbye, Tax Blues....

The Merry Ring

The Sweet Shop's Shut